And the future is . . . .

. . . . .  Rosy!!!

Had a lovely evening at Number 2 daughters and the little ones were very good.  We don't see them very often and it is always a delight to see them even though we come home shattered.  Left about 10  this morning and have had a chilled out day.

Thanks to Admirer for hosting this super silly challenge
When I left yesterday I hadn't put all my shopping away.  I had bought some tomatoes  to make some soup and left them out overnight.  I had also bought some Tomato Ketchup.  

We heard murmuring from the kitchen when we walked in.  The  ringleader in the centre was inciting the rest of them that that is how they would end up in a sauce bottle if they weren't careful.  At his words the rest of them started shaking  and said they didn't want them to happen.  "Well" said Ringleader "we had better hide" .  "Where" they shouted together.  "Look at this round cave over there - that will be ideal (Oh dear the round cave he spotted was a Food Processor)
 They scurried over the the round cave but were't too happy when they encountered the sharp knife at the bottom.  As their destiny was to be soup and not sauce  - they were soon . . . . . .

Thank to KG for the idea 

Have a good weekend everybody.

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