Wolfy looking Foxy

Just a couple of dogs today.
When I do this to Foxy he looks distinctly 'Wolfish' but when I let his head go he goes back to being good old Foxy again.
The one of Jonty was on our morning walk. There was room for him to jump through the gap but he doesn't get it and waited for me to open the gate.
His eyes are getting better since we got the 'Angel Eye's Plus' but the staining is still coming if we don't keep drying it. The Angels Eyes does work but it takes a while to clear up. Problem re-occurred when we ran out and I found you could get it on Amazon UK, but it's not the 'Pro' version. Apparently it's the best selling product in most pet stores in the States, just flies off the shelves.
The extra is what he looked like before we got the Amazon UK stuff!

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