By EllyJay

Ness of Brodgar

We chose a quiet but very breezy day to visit the archaeological dig at the Ness of Brodgar; it will be busier tomorrow (Sunday), their second big open day of the season. 
The site closes next week as the archaeology students go back to their respective universities. The dig gets covered with a layer of tarpaulins and old tyres to protect it over the winter.
It is believed the site was continuously occupied for about a thousand years, from 3300 BC to 2300 BC. Hundreds of neolithic artefacts have been found, from pottery shards to stone axe heads, all beautifully manufactured. The standard of the masonry work is impressive, considering it is some 5000 years old. Only a fraction has been uncovered so far, and the Ness has many secrets yet to be revealed.

Extra (1) is an older photo by Hugo Anderson-Whymark showing an aerial view of the site between the freshwater Loch of Harray and the saltwater Loch of Stenness.  The water levels have risen a lot since the site was in use.

Extra (2) is Monty enjoying a chip for his tea.

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