Up, watch last night's Rugby League, go to Parents'. Otherwise known as Typical Saturday!

Whilst Estelle-Next-Door and family are away, my Dad has responsibility for feeding her two young cats, Alex and Kim. Last night, he said, only Kim turned up for her supper. Alex was also not around for breakfast today, which was unheard-of! Turned out, he'd hidden in my Dad's shed last night and got himself locked in! So he was given a pouch of food to himself this afternoon.

My Mum was On One this afternoon, accusing my Dad of getting rid of her dogs. This was mortifying to him, as he adored the dogs they have owned! She was saying that she was going to steal Alex from Estelle, as she doesn't deserve him. She lured Alex into the house, an he explored, ate a little of the fish they had for lunch, and took himself out again! My Dad says he won't let Alex (or Kim) in regularly, as it would be unfair to Estelle and her kids.

That said, I don't think I could go away for six weeks and leave my cats to their own devices! They are being fed and can go into Estelle's shed for shelter. The cat-flap to the house is locked though! 

Alex is incredibly sweet.He has  elongated legs, tail and body, and is quite a thin, angular moggy. His fur is sleek and silky, rather than fluffy like Minstrel's. His ears seem quite large for his head. He makes me think of a Siamese cat, though he looks nothing like one - it is the way he moves!
That is Bubbles, my parents' recently deceased Shi Tzu  in the photo behind Alex!

Alex had lots of fuss made, mostly by me, as he knows I am a "cat-person"!

Brian fetched me home to watch more Rugby and chill out. We have a grill for the back door now so it can be open to let in fresh air without Minstrel going out or the neighbourhood felines coming in. Minstrel investigated but seems unsure what to make of it. I think he will grow to like it!

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