I miss ............

 ............ my beautiful county of Yorkshire  

Even when I've left home at silly-o-clock, the rain looms over the motorway and it's bleak - it is still a wonderful place to be.

Set off at 05.00 to drive 175 miles to collect my new car  -  through Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and into Lancashire (those in the know will appreciate that the only good thing to come out of Lancashire is the road to Yorkshire - lol - it's a rivalry thing White Rose v Red Rose)!!!!!!
Car collected and then the 175 mile drive back getting home around 3.00pm.
Now all I have to do is get to grips with the fact that everything seems to be electric (even the steering wheel positioning), nearly all the knobs, buttons and levers are different and, when I put fuel in it, I saw an extra "AdBlu" tank nozzle - hmmm?   The sound system is different AND there's no spare wheel (or a place to hide one)! 
Grrrrrrrr - seems modern car manufacturers are saving money by fitting runflats or, worse still, giving the motorist a silly, foamy, sealanty pumpy thing that is absolutely no use at all if you shred your tyre - AND, even if it's not shredded, just a puncture, it completely ruins your tyre so you have to get a new one anyway.
Rant over.

All that being said, it's lovely to drive with some extras that my previous car didn't have .............

~ Anni ~

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