... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Ruddy Shelduck

Smilier, tuftier, and tippier-toed in large
Extras: Smooth and Ruffled and Dreaming?

My mother and I went to see the Ross'sling at St. James's Park; it and its parents weren't playing ball (they were splashing about far from the path, then got out at an inaccessible edge), but we saw its older sibling up close which was sweet.
The big cygnets are now v. big indeed, and were trying to take off, as well as preening, splashing about, and flapping, all while being chased about by the black swans which now find them unamusing...

Also saw a great crested grebe, a very dapper pigeon, and a seriously punky coot doing its best to preen in the wind... The contrasty sunlight came and went, which made for interesting photography in any case.

Others here (or right from Big cygnet, big wings)

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