The Observer

A few months ago I started buying The Observer again on a Sunday, I did read it years ago. I buy it on my way back from church. It is a great read and takes nearly all day. I make a lovely fresh proper coffee and sit and read it in the conservatory. This morning I came across a great article about a bookshop seller wanted in the Maldives, I thought that would be a great job until I read you had to run writing classes! I then came across this article about bed bugs. I am very suggestible and it got me running upstairs, stripping my bed, hoovering it and leaving it to air. I washed the bedding on a hot wash. I actually didn't see anything crawling!!! 
I love doing the crossword and have only managed to finish it once but I keep trying and will do it all week going back to it and hopefully will manage a couple more answers. 

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