Poor "Buj"

We had a great day out with the group today - but on my arrival home I saw the rear end of poor "budgie" (Deb's beloved Toyota). She was coming out of the Keswick turning onto the A66, and stopped to let the traffic by when some guy shunted hard into the back of her car, and even pushed her into the main road in front of the oncoming traffic. Fortunately the cars managed to swerve around her. 

On getting home I drove her down to the hospital, where she was checked out. A sore neck and pins and needles right down her right arm aren't a good sign, and she's seeing a doctor again next week. Combination of possible whiplash and a touch of concussion.

The sad news is that Buj is probably a write-off, as the repairs will be way more than she's worth. So we're in the market for a new (cheap) car.

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