a town called E.

By Eej


One of my morning chores these days is the of checking the birdbath for raccoon/rabbit/groundhog/bird poos, cleaning it out, and filling it back up. It's usually the first thing I do, because who doesn't like to start the day cleaning up poos? *rolls eyes* As I walked back towards the house, and checked one of the squirrel feeders in passing, I heard an odd whirring noise. I took a step back, because I thought maybe I had stepped on something, and then I heard it again. From behind a small pile of invasive honeysuckle branches I had cut off, this weird looking insect emerged. A cicada. I have seen their discarded shells before (and photographed them ) but I can't recall ever seeing this. 
I'm still figuring out if it's kinda cute or just ... yeah, I don't know. I am totally fascinated by it though. 

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