Down On The Farm

The Yorkshire crew have gone camping for a few days down on the Solway, leaving Raf with us - no dogs allowed on the site.

We had to go to Berwick today, so he had a lovely run-around on the beach at Spittal.  But he didn't want to go in the water - I think it was a bit too rough for him.

Before that we'd called in at the Chain Bridge Honey Farm.  We didn't see the Chain Bridge, or the bees,  because we got totally absorbed in the collection of old tractors, cars, trucks, ploughs.  Not to mention a bit of a train, a Routemaster bus .........   Raf was on the lead and not very interested so we cut it short, but we'll be back.  It's a paradise of rust!  And I do love a bit of rust.

So I'm tagging this for the Derelict Sunday challenge.  And also for Mono Monday because ......... this is an early model combine harvester, and 'combine' is a synonym for 'compact' (if you assume both to be verbs).  Maybe a bit too far-fetched?

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