Particles & Waves

By EdwardFenner

Presenting....Dr. Bimm

My friend and former classmate Jordan defended his dissertation today at York University in Toronto. He first gave a brief presentation then sat for a couple of hours of grilling by historian scientists. He sweated it out in fine style. In the end, they invited him as a peer in Science & Technology Studies. Henceforth he may be known as Dr. Jordan Bimm. It is well earned, buddy, but I'm going to call you Dr. Now for reasons we both find hilarious. Congratulations!

His dissertation: Anticipating the Astronaut: Subject Formation in Early American Space Medicine, 1949-1959. In laypersons terms, he studied the development of space medicine during the time of early test flights by high-altitude pilots and the selection processes of early astronauts - human and non-human - and how they affected the new discipline and how the new discipline affected them.

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