Mono Monday - Compact

It amazes me how something so small can be so powerful. This is part of one of the latest graphics cards for packs a punch. I think it looks like an office block with little cars parked around it?!?!?

Apparently IBM are down to 5nm (nanometres) now for silicon chips, that is mind blowing!

I watched two films tonight.

1st Film: A Prayer before Dawn.

A true story of an Englishman in prison in Thailand who becomes a boxer and a successful one at that. A truly dark and gritty film which probably only goes so far to show how brutal life is in a Thai prison. 6.5/10 as it lacked a bit of momentum and was longer than it needed to be. 

2nd Film: Upgrade

A kind of Scifi film, which was brutally entertaining, had some really creative camera work. Yes it was silly in it's believability but the way technology is going maybe we will have hybrid human/computer beings in 50 to 100 years time. 7/10.

Mr Bo Hingles

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