Tapestry in Green

Growing alpine plants is most definitely not just about flowers - beautiful though so many are.  The patterns and shapes of mats of foliage provide interest all year round .... and are often beautiful in their own right.

This shot is mostly about the sempervivum although helianthemum, campanula, linaria and pulsatilla also feature.  Even the semp has been hit by the heat and the drought this summer.  Recovering nicely now.

Warm and close today, made doing stuff harder work.  Most important thing I did today was check out the tent Jamie and I will use in Wales next week .... the cat checked it out too, nearly got rolled up in it!  Most important thing Jamie did today was to construct his new computer desk / workstation almost entirely by himself.  I hate flat-pack assembly - he's clearly inherited his mother's skill in this department :-)

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