By JoeyG

Someone Up There Watching Me

(The moon in the clouds looks like an eye to me.)

After Aqua Aerobics tonight there was an extra half hour or so of bonus optional exercise. I stayed. I’m told I will regret it in the morning.

I got out around 9:30pm and decided to stay on the bus and head to the prom. I am trying to stay balanced in what is, consistently, proving to be a very challenging year. I only made it to class through the skin of my teeth - really wasn’t in the mood.

I seem to always feel like i’m Living through stop gaps. The ‘thing’ never comes, just another stop gap. This place is a stop gap for me, I know it’s not my home, but the sea feels like home. This wind is a bit chilly but the sound of those gentle waves lapping to shore and the distinct salty sea air - that is where I belong. If it wasn’t so cold I might just take a nap on the bench.

I need an island, my own hammock, somewhere warm, with only a handful of outstanding people; a 24hr coffee hut, cocktail bar and vegan restaurant. If I can have my soulmate too, that’s an even bigger win. Now I really don’t wanna go back home!

Incidentally caught some UFOs on camera, in the extras.

Bon nuit, fellow Blippers.


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