Pictures & Woodwork.

By PeterB

Jewellery Box.

     Well, here it is. All I need to do to it now is give it a polish and also attach the chain to hold the lid when the box is opened.
     It has taken a bit of time as I had just started it when the hot weather came and then promptly stopped because it was to hot to work in the w/shop.
     You may remember that I was staining it with a white wood dye but I did not like it so I changed my mind and dyed it Georgian mahogany. Two coats of which I brushed on, then I have been applying clear varnish, 3 coats of allowing a day between each coat. 

This is my first box I have made and had one two things that I have learned on the way. Although I say it myself, I am quite pleased with it.

There are 3 extras showing more of the box.

I would just like to thank you all for all your good wishes for our recent anniversary. Most kind of you all.

Hope you are all well. Take care.

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