.........it's been a while since I've blipped, but here I am :))

Mum and I have been away visiting family in the North Island. I haven't blipped as spring is in full swing up there with pollen dusting everything and my eyes have been the worst they've ever been but put that aside I've had a fantastic time which I'll fill you in when I get my backblips done.

My garden is awake, pollen is thick here to and as I type a thunderstorm is happening, must admit neither are my favourite thing.

It was lovely to open my curtains this morning and find Zambo greeting me, a camellia with purplish-red flowers turning bluer as it ages, it's more of a formal flower and sits beautifully against the green foliage. Not one I've blipped very often as the colour is a bit tricky to capture.

Life is hectic at present but I'll try to get a blip up and as my eyes improve I hope to get some backblips done. I do hope your all keeping well :))

Happy Thursday :)

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