Mrs Cyclops

By MrsCyclops

Soon to be full

I'm known for my Fringe-loving, which peaked at 52 shows in 2013. So it surprises people how few shows I'm seeing these days. This year I have seen 5 shows. My time is limited now I have childcare responsibilities, and I've not really planned to enable me to get involved. I'm an idiot. Next year perhaps I'll do better.

Looks like I'm all or nothing.

I think if I'm going to do it I need my process. I need to go out on day 1 of the previews, and see 5+ shows per daý for the next 5 days. I need to be open to accepting comps for anything and everything, and talking to flyerers, and attending galas and compilation shows. That's how you find out what's going to be hot and discover hidden gems.

Then I need to be grabbing preview prices for the previous year's hidden gems, to see if they've progressed. This takes time, and a careful balance of planning and spontaneity.

I'm not interested in the huge venues and big name stuff and TV sell-outs. Because I'm pretentious like that.

So if I've only got an hour or an evening or whatever, I've found I have no idea how to choose stuff to see if I didn't do 'the process'. Instead all the tickets are fifteen quid and I'm overwhelmed by choice and have no idea how to judge quality in advance. I'm prepared to see some shit within a portfolio of variety, especially if it was free or a preview, but if my time is limited I want to see something good.

I'm happy to say I saw a great show tonight. A new musical from NTS with my terrific clients Birds of Paradise Theatre Company, called My Left Right Foot. They've had a great Fringe and won two awards for this, and a host of 5* reviews. Consequently they are sold out... but I pulled in a favour and got to sneak in last night. I'd tell you to go but you can't. So... lucky me!

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