Posing in the spray of the wild sea, directing your friend to take just that image... We were at Rotsidan, a lovely rocky place on the high coast half an hour from home. It's really photogenic, I said yesterday. No-one was listening apparently - so Lilith was drenched as she had to get the shot. The towel and the change of clothes was ... in the car. And Eli hurt her knees obligingly scrambling on the rough granite. I walked back with Rusty and retrieved towel and clothes.

I had baked scones, by request and we had a picnic on the rocks in the sunshine. See extra for fabulous cookery shot. It wasn't hot, but it was warm when the sun shone strongly. I was just glad it wasn't raining as it poured down all night. Everyone appreciated the glory of the place, it really is spectacular.

It's lovely to see this very old friendship in action and we had a lovely day together. On the way to the coast we stopped in Nordingrå, the nearest thing to a town in the area, and found the Red Cross shop was having a half price sale. 
The list goes like this:
a cloak
an orange half-linen jumper
a hockey jumper with Luleå written on it
a scarf
a 1980s home made many coloured canvas coat with huge shoulder pads
a white coat with cold trellis patter sewn onto it
a beige padded waistcoat
a heavy black chain necklace
a gorgeous checked shirt
a purple merino wool jumper from Italy
a multicoloured dress from Indiska
a Portmeirion massive tea cup with strawberry decorations

Only the last 4 are mine, and the shirt is on Keith's back as I write. fits like a dream and looks like he always had it. I am enjoying having other humans to enjoy second hand shops with me. The replacement clothes for the drenched person came from this list.

We came home and I cooked pasta and a tomato and vegetable sauce. It all got eaten up so I'm guessing it hit the spot. We fed Rusty at 7.30 tonight, instead of at 11 like yesterday when we forgot to feed him till bed time! Good job he goes home soon, before we do any permanent damage.

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