By blipjude

Rabbits - controllling

I really enjoy gardening.

Every new plant needs irrigation and rabbit protection. Planting the plant is just one part of the process.

To try to control the rabbits requires a variety of methods one of these is pindone. Another is shooting. Another is putting pellets down the hole and plugging the hole over.

Townies can get all upset because rabbits are cute and fluffy. So many people become activists about stuff they have no real idea of and don't research the whole story.

Farmers nearby have, over the years, been driven off their properties because the rabbits have eaten the grass until there is nothing left for the stock. Nowadays there are fulltime rabbiters employed by farmers - a huge cost.

These rabbits here are just coming out of their burrows now it is spring. The does (mothers) will be having another litter of 8? or so now, due for birth in 4 weeks. At the same time, the half grown ones will also soon be producing.

It is endless.

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