By JoeyG

Hello Dave?

A friend of mine is on holiday in Cyprus this week and delights in telling me how hot it is out there whilst Whatsapping me pictures of her white bits. So I sent her a pic of what I was doing. Hence the dissatisfied face. This charcoal mask is bloody brilliant though; gets rid of everything.

Another very rainy, indoors day today. Got some paid work done, decided to rearrange my bedroom furniture and start a new wave of piling up stuff for charity - things I’m tired of looking at. The things we collect become obsolete as we change; our tastes differ, our needs alter, as do our wants. Expression is fundamental to our emotional, spiritual and psychological selves - so it’s good to declutter, to lose the baggage, both literal and metaphorical.

Change is good and I feel like I’m shedding the dirge from well as my face!

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