Wildflowers Drive Me Wild

Went back to see more of the wildflowers this morning and the big patches of everlastings are just so wonderfully entrancing i had to blip them again.

I’ve put a few other lovely things in the extra’s. A banksia flower which hasn’t opened yet showing its amazing fractal pattern, a strange and fascinating prickly thing, a cheeky rainbow lorikeet, more everlastings and a beautiful and luscious red Sturt pea.

It was a beautiful day, really sunny and in the end i was overdressed and got quite hot! I’d forgotten how nice it felt to warm up a bit and had to strip off a couple of layers, ah spring is on its way at last ;o)

J was invited to the new Perth Stadium to see a football match and as he has been dying to get in there he was happy to miss a day with me again ;o). We’ll catch up next week and do our normal things.

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