West Coaster

By WestCoaster

Dad's Day

Over recent weeks the twins have been excelling in their sporting endeavours which mum and I delight in seeing.  Today old dad was playing in the final of the Kiloran Trophy at the club and was playing against my friend Gordon,

Gordon and I have played with and against each other and I enjoy his company and he is always gracious in victory and defeat we are very well matched however today I was struggling early in the game and slipped to 13 - 4 down the winner being the first to 21.  I eventually got my shizzel together and got myself into the game coming back to 13 - 12 and then 14 all.  I then went 17 - 16 up and was lying game when Gordon drew in and touched the jack to pick up a 2, then at the next end another 2 which left him just needing a single to win, I picked up a single at the next end and at the following end was again lying game when Gordon drew second shot.  At what proved to be the last end I was lying one and drew a brilliant second shot with my last bowl, Gordon played for the jack but missed his line and I had won. 

I really enjoyed the game and even if I had not won I would have enjoyed the game and the company, I have not really enjoyed playing much this year after my pairs partner, also called Gordon, passed away but today it was like rolling back the years.

Fraser and I have played pairs this year and have made our way through to that championship final, I desperately want to win that, Gordon and I won it 5 times together and despite his very poor health he was happy  I was going to play with Fraser and I promised that we would lift the cup for him and he could come and watch us do it for him, all the time knowing he was unlikely to be well enough to do so but not for a minute thinking he would pass so soon.  I would love to win it for I am playing with Fraser, I would love to win it for myself but most of all I would love to win it for my friend, for his memory and for the friendship and success  we shared on the  green... I hope he is listening, I will let you all know next week one way or the other 

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