simple moments

By simplemoments



by miss mollie-boo

as she sits in a sunbeam - mouth carefully open (if you look closely, you can see a tiny stream of drooling) - as the boo once again has set her eyes - on a pigeon who has taken - up residence on the rooftop next - to our living room window - as i peered out into the sunlight - i could see the bird every now and again - poking its head down towards - our window as if to say - 'i see you there, kitty'

and then, just like that - it took flight giving both me and the boo - a start with its closeness - miss mollie meeped twice glancing - at me to confirm it was really gone - i told her it was - and we both sighed together - in appreciation that moments like these - are the ones which make...


happy day.....

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