Heckington Mill

A fine sunny start to the day, with just a touch of autumnal chill, ideal for  bit of tetrad recording round Burton Pedwardine. After tramping around for several hours I felt I'd had enough, and dropped into Heckington Mill on the way home to buy some beer from the Eight Sail Brewery that's located next door. I was surprised to find that it had been done up since my last visit, with a much improved entrance, tea-room and car-park. 

While I was there I re-visited a bit of waste-ground behind the mill, where I found a colony of evening-primroses growing near the boundary of the railway. I'm still dithering about the correct identification (they're notoriously tricky and different taxonomist have very different views about how many species there actually are), but either way it's going to be a rare one for South Lincolnshire.

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