Coastal cruise

Whitby FW - backblip 6 (Wednesday)

A 'slow' day at the Music and Craft Fair. So slow that some of the traders entertained themselves with a game of musical chairs (extra), and MrM sat on one of the sofas in the foyer and promptly fell asleep for over an hour! (Tempted to post photographic evidence, but better not - I don't have a death wish!)

A Minke whale was seen yesterday from the boat on the 6.00pm coastal  cruise, so we decided to go on the same cruise this evening. We were warned that it was "a little bit windy out there" before we set off, but it wasn't too bad (though Angus and I were both glad that we hadn't eaten beforehand...). Not over-hopeful of seeing much wildlife, but we were lucky - seals, lots of seabirds, and 5 or 6 Minke whales. Much to our delight, it was more a whale-watching cruise than anything else. Fabulous!
And the sunset was a bonus.

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