Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


The last Bank Holiday, known as the Summer Bank Holiday, before that well-known event in December. The weather was suitable for a December or an Easter day, mainly cold with the odd sighting of a yellow object in the sky.
I went outside to find a picture for today and had almost decided to go indoors with what I had already taken when I decided to visit the top area of our property and found today’s picture. At first I though it might be a pigeon’s egg, but I thin they are usually white. Maybe it has been thee a while and discoloured, it is smaller than a hen’s egg and larger than a blackbirds egg. Maybe it is a game bird’s egg as we have pheasants and French partridge, which visit occasionally. It has a hole in the other side so whatever had stolen it had eaten the contents. I left it where I found it, on a pile of pine needles.

I have been crocheting the border of my Afghan for some of the day although I have not gone round all four sides once yet; it is going to take a while.

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