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Flohmarkt im Mauerpark

The Webseite says it’s ‘quite popular’…
Naja, I would say it’s ‘quite the place to be’ on a Sunday in Berlin.
The flea market at Mauerpark in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg district reminded me ein kleines bisschen of a desert souk, with hip Berliners (most of whom were sitting on the hill having a Bier or three soaking up the rather unexpected sunshine) and internationale Touristen (swarms, troops, nay armies!) enveloped in swirling dust clouds, elbow-to-elbow, advancing through the makeshift lanes of stalls (international street food, second-hand, originals) enjoying haggling aplenty with creative designers and second-hand dealers alike. Nobody rushing, everyone looking for a bargain/Schnäppchen.
[The Mauerpark name translates as "Wall Park", referring to its status as a former part of the Berlin Wall and its Death Strip.]
I hear that the big crowd puller is usually the cult karaoke that takes place in the amphitheatre jeden Sonntagnachmittag but last Sunday, because of the Finale of the Para-Leichtathletik-Europameisterschaft in the adjacent Stadion, there was none. I took this Foto of Karaoke and Schadenfreude ;) hopefuls who staved off disappointment by oohing and aahing at the performers in the replacement dance show.
I stood on the spot and did a 360 whilst the market itself was packing up at around 18:00Uhr. I could hear a Jimi Hendrix-style rock outfit, a fired-up salsa band, a pair of psychedelic drummers (drumming for their lives), and the sirens of a Krankenwagen arriving to collect the poor guy lying on the basketball court with a bunch of paramedics around him. A group of dancers was letting some serious Haar down and kicking some dust up around the drummers – it could have been a rain dance (and the Mauerpark is much in need of rain). ‘Jimi’ took his shirt off and the groupies inched closer, the salsa Sänger put on a Mexican wrestling mask and the Energie level went up a notch, more hip Berliners with clinking Bier bottles arrived to take their place on the hill. As we left a guy in high-waisted, denim flares cartwheeled past. 

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