By CoffeePotter

Blackberrying Kit

We had a blackberrying expedition this afternoon around the local fields and lanes. I went equipped with several plastic boxes with lids, some latex gloves (to prevent staining my delicate little dannies) and my new stick.
When our family was here I mentioned (OK maybe several times) that the best tool for blackberrying is an old cane walking stick.  I used my Granddad's for years (he didn't need a walking stick for walking, it was only for helping to pull branches nearer to reach the higher fruits) but alas it went missing 2 house moves ago.
Just before our family left last week, our son presented me with one he had found in an antique shop (you can never seem to find one in charity shops) and I'm delighted with it. Not your normal type of gift but then I guess we're not a normal type of family  

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