South Coast Scribblings

By SueSouth

Bargain flowers

We saw these cheap pansies on the way into B & Q this morning and thought it would be a good idea to buy some to put amongst the gnome and friends in the little flower bed outside the back windows, which only has one lonely fuschia in it at present.

We also bought a strimmer and some paint samples to try and match the grey paint in the living room. My husband is patching up a corner where the previous people ripped out a skirting board and left it unpatched! It's only in one corner and when the door is open you can't see it, but on a couple of colder days, we shut the door and it looked awful! Eventually we shall repaint the whole room.

We had lunch in Sainsbury's - very popular in this area apparently as the queue was huge. It took longer queuing than it did waiting for the food to arrive at our table. It was good though - I had salmon and my husband had a steak pie. We popped into Argos in there and ordered another side table, which hubby is going to pick up in the morning - only £7-99 (reduced) but it should do!

This afternoon a friend came round to see us. We used to all be in the youth group at Chichester Baptist church together many moons ago! It was nice to see him again.

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