Almost a Wallpaper

Two visits to the surgery and one shingles shot today with a gym visit in between.

It was assessment day at the gym since it was my sixth session. Blood pressure was 99/78 but it had risen sharply to 124/83 by the time I saw the doc this afternoon. Keeping a promise to the first-aider who kept an eye on me on Monday afternoon. Am being referred for tests.

The good  news at the gym was that I had lost two cms round the waist (wherever that is). One kg added. I was assured that was muscle.

The doc told me to rest when I got back home, which I did. I also wandered round the garden with my iPad testing out PhotoSplit, taking images of roses, cosmos and rudbeckia. Today's blip is a multi exposure of the said flowers with an difference blend. I find it rather jolly.

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