Downward Spiral

Not the intended photo for today, this may be replaced later.

Crack of dawn start for me (Chris) at 4.45am for the 3.5 hour commute to Bradford for work. Made good time, logged on at a desk before 9.15. Annie was up early to passenger Immy as she drove to Didcot for day two of her work placement (and home again this evening). It’s driving practice for her upcoming test.

So to the blip, after work I searched out a nice canal scene with the only real sunshine of the day. Back at the hotel however, my Canon 100D decided to corrupt the card with the images on, the second time this has happened recently. The last card needed recovery software and several hours run time to restore the images. No idea if I’ll be as lucky this time so for how you get a late night iPhone image of the stairs in tonight’s hotel.

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