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On assignment

I am working on the novel/memoir that will probably never be finished, and my thanks for your astonishing and very encouraging response to it, but in the meanwhile I have other projects, too.

JoAnn Hardesty is running for city council, an underdog grassroots candidate, i.e., not funded by corporate interests, not a shill for business, really concerned about police brutality, racial profiling, unhoused people, and the environment. Therefore, as you would expect if you know anything about American politics, there is a vicious campaign against her. All her money comes from small donations, and the other candidate (also a Black woman, but a status quo candidate) is pulling ahead. Therefore I continue making photos for her campaign, pro bono, my contribution, since I have little money to contribute.

She had a campaign event this evening, and my assignment from her campaign advisor was to get photos of her "interacting with a diverse group of Portlanders." I think I pulled it off.

I also got a lovely candid portrait that will probably be of no use to the campaign, but I think it shows her gentleness and vulnerabilty, and I really like it (Extra). 

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