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By PinkTransit

Angry birds

Oh wow - I think the local seagulls have expectations that I didn't meet today.

To set the scene - I'm walking around the lake, back from shopping, and knowing that I don't have a good blip lined up for today. I glance across and see a couple of cute ducks that might make a good shot.
I put down my shopping, get out my camera, and walk out onto one of the many small platforms that are placed around the lake for fishing, feeding the ducks, taking photographs, or whatever.

There is obviously an expectation from the seagulls that if a person stands on a platform then food will appear. From a calm, serene, lake view with a pretty duck, the scene turned into total mayhem with seagulls fighting for the best position to get the food that.... wasn't there.

I disappointed them. But got an okay blip :)

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