By Livingandloving

Did you say, "Rattlesnake?????"

So my Monday was going by pretty uneventful.  Sure...I have 6146974651254 things to do...and yes I got all but ONE of them done.  Go Me!  However, that wasn't all that exciting.  At about 3:30pm, I saw that I was getting a video chat from the Sugar.  I opened it up...and found Sugar and her friend eating snow cones on the couch at my parent's house.  Their life is good!  They proceeded to tell me that they had experienced a pretty big adventure that afternoon.  I smiled, and thought, "Sure...sure....tell me about it!"  I should have sat down. 

Sugar and her friend were helping my dad gather firewood off the hill to stack at our elderly relatives house.  They were almost done, when Sugar picked up two pieces of wood and found a ............Rattlesnake! Yup....that is exactly what I said......RATTLESNAKE!  My Sugar was so calm.  She backed away while dropping the wood.  She gathered up her friend and climbed up onto the pickup truck.  My dad came around the side of the truck, probably thinking Sugar was wrong, but noticed the unique head shape of a rattle snake indeed!  EEEEKKKKKK!  My dad, being ever ready to do what is necessary, Picked up a stick and killed it.  Then......hold on to your girl jumped back down and finished gathering the wood!  SERIOUSLY???? I'm like....."NAH...Corey does not do snakes!......especially poisonous snakes!"  I would have planted my bum inside the vehicle and looked the door. proud that my girl was calm collected, and rational.  Infinitely glad they no one got bit!!!!! 

It shook me a bit......I needed lots of kitty snuggles when I got home.  Here is a photo of my Stormin' Norman wanting to be outside with me while I pick tomatoes.  Love this boy!

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