... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wimbledon Park: Reaching

Longer a stretch in large.
Extra: Posing with dappled light and ripply reflections

I visited the Wimbledon Park swans, and got on rather better than expected with the little Canon; I took advantage of its small size to take shots low over the water (leaning from the water's edge), and got better at using the touchscreen and servo autofocus to keep it tracking the swans as I composed my shots... The light was nice, and there were lots of colours on the water as the staff at the boat club put more and more dinghies out in preparation for a class.
Amusing shots: dripping / rippling, drinking / drippingdribbling, dappled and wavy, push-me-pull-you

Others are here (or right from Waterfall Garden).

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