The Gladiola are out in Livingston Village

Let's go for this one ( the photo)....... I'm more of a blur person but I quite like this sharper image.  Its flower Friday...........oh yes .........y'all celebrate the flower.
I certainly do as they are beautiful and you can celebrate beauty in its many forms too while you are at celebrating.

Today I got caught up on household duties but  I still haven't sorted out the shed which will not take a long time but has to be done as there is a muddle on the floor which I have to be able to access, especially as the garden is going to get the levels and grass and beds put in to place from Tuesday as I can get planting.

Mr AF and Mrs Mummy went for a long walk while helping J to get back on his bike. (half day for school on a Friday)

Its September  tomorrow. Can you believe it ??? 

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