Everything went so smoothly until...

Brought one more load of silage in the morning and spent the afternoon covering the pit. I think we haven't had as few/small problems in the harvest in many, many years. The preservative pump had a bad contact once, but I fixed it by just twisting the fuse holder a little, and the twine that unlocks the trailer hitch broke, but it was a baler twine "tune-up" anyway.

So practically nothing until this. The last part of the process is to cover the pit with the sawdust that we'll use in the winter, and I had to fetch the load myself. That's when loader tractor wouldn't start. Charging the battery helped though, and I got the load home safely, but it's obvious that the battery is dead. It's likely the original and the tractor is 12.5 years old.

I used about eight hectares to fill the pit. I'll continue to feed the cattle now with freshly cut grass for some time, but that won't use much of the six hectares that is still left. I can have the rest baled, and will be able to sell some of the bales from the first cut. 

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