By CoffeePotter

Paddling off into the sunset

The light at Lyme Regis early this evening was absolutely beautiful. This canoe was just paddling off into the sunset, and seemed rather apt today.
I've put several extras in too. The last extra is C just before we went out. He's removing the last of some very large and uninteresting shrubs from the garden. We left them for a year to see if they became a bit more exciting - but they didn't, so they've gone. 
This will be my last Blip for a while. I'm taking advantage of Scroll Free September  to bow out - at least for a month. I'll see in October whether I want to dip in and out or just completely stop. Like many others whose journals I've read, I find I'm spending far too long on Blip when I could be getting on with other things. Also, there's an old saying "If you can't say anything interesting, say nothing" and sometimes I'm searching for subjects - I'd much rather pop back when something special is going on than just photograph any old thing for the sake of it.
So the time has come - at least for now.  There's another saying - "Never say never". 

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