Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

Ouchy mural

Ouchy is a port south of the centre of Lausanne on Lake Léman. It's so easy to get down there from where I live by metro. I just need to walk to the nearest métro station (10 minutes) or take a bus.

I like this wall mural which I pass every time I go down the lake and cross the road. In fact, to take this photo, I needed to be in the middle of the road! The decorated metal sign with the name of the place is also very attractive.
The painting depicts a lady in the traditional clothes of the Canton of Vaud. 

There are 26 cantons in Switzerland. The majority of them are German speaking. I live in the French part. There are four French cantons. Vaud is the biggest one and the town of Lausanne is the capital of Vaud.

Lausanne is also home to the International Olympic Headquarters.

There are four different languages spoken in this small country of Switzerland:
German, French, Italian and Romansh. 

That's probably enough Swiss history for one day!

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