Ristosan's Journal

By ristosan

Rainy Day Dream Away

by Jimi Hendrix feat. Buddy Miles and Mike Finnigan

Today in Vienna: Hofburg, Kunsthistorishe Museum, Belvedere, Cafe Sacher etc. The thunderstorms and heavy rain hit us at the end of the tour (main blip). As extras you can find the Klimt decorations at the top of the Museum's walls (now available for the visitors to see on high platforms especially erected until 2 Sep 2018), the Art of Painting by Vermeer (which I specifically wished to see, aiming to see as many of his paintings as I can - I think now I am up to 24 out of 34...37), and double reflections using the mirror effect of the camera at one fountain in the Belvedere gardens. And as the last extra, the Belvedere lute player sculpture, the pose of whom brought to mind guitar heroes, and the ultimate one especially.

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