Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

Vicious cycle

Earlier in the week, M and I put new cables etc on his bike. He’s done a few rides but he’s not happy with his performances or his bike. We’ve been tweaking the latter but it’s not quite right. We think that the tear derailleur is worn out. And so is he - he’s been working hard lately.
My runs seem hard work too. Maybe I’m getting old? No, it can’t be that! And to prove it, I knocked 2 seconds off my car park sprint PB from 2016!
If I did it at the start of the run rather than the end, I might be able to go a bit faster but, looking at the times on Strava, KOTM is beyond my reach!

In the afternoon, we went to Newlyn to have an ice cream at the ice cream shop owned by someone who was a friend of one of M’s friends. They only sold vanilla. Good call! And good price too but, no mates of mates’ rates!
Nice walk although we had to tut at the delinquent woman drinking shandy by the fishermen’s memorial. Disgraceful. Luckily no-one seemed to realise that she was part of our family.
Finished the Godfather. Concensus was that it was a good film but not quite as cinematically striking as expected. More about the acting, perhaps.

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