West Coaster

By WestCoaster

Dad and the Lad... Champions

Fraser and I were playing in the final of the pairs championship yesterday. As some of you will know my Pairs partner of nearly 20 years passed away earlier this year and he made me promise I’d retain our title playing with Fraser.

We had played well all the way through the tournament but were taken to an extra end in the semi final a fortnight ago.

In the final there was a tough game ahead but believe me when I say Fraser was on fire and he was playing exhibition quality bowls from the off. He totally demoralised the opposition lead and very soon they totally lost their weight and line the opposition skip initially played well but we were never challenged and I don’t mean any disrespect when I say that but Fraser was so good he would have bowled anyone off the green

We were leading 29 - 4 when the opposition waved the white flag. It was a huge win and I was so so happy to have won for Fraser, for myself but for Gordon. In accepting the cup I said a few words and struggled when I spoke of him.

Fraser now becomes the youngest club champion at 13 something I never see being bettered.

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