The last blooms

There are not many flowering things int he garden now, so here's a tiny decoration for the dinner table as we entertained Livia and Roger, two good friends who have entertained us many many times in their home, but who rarely get up to us. So nice to be hosting them!

Gorgeous weather, unlike the forecast, so we could sit outside and enjoy the prosecco and olives. It is chilly when the sun goes off the garden, but the air is fresh and clear. s they went off to sleep in their very cosy camper van we saw dozens of stars in the clearest of skies. I love this time of year, the world is retreating into itself, but giving up its bounty first.

We just signed up for another area of leaflet-distribution as it had been sort of forgotten. This time it's a housing area, so not much driving but more walking along streets. That will be different!

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