... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Naughty Nēnēs

More affronted in large.
Troublesome foursome
Going for the neck...

"You don't seem to realise, but we're kind of a big thing around here... Back me up guys."

I took macros in the morning; I'm now using the flash on a cord, because the D850 doesn't have a pop-up flash with which to trigger the flash remotely... Less flexible position-wise, but it's much easier to control and balance the flash subtly this way. Lots to learn.

THEN we went to the wetlands centre; most of the birds were being pretty sleepy in the heat and (hiding from the) sunshine, but then the Hawaiian geese "happened". They're escape artists, and all four had escaped their enclosure. We kept stumbling across them as they charged about causing trouble, and breached further fences/gates.

I took far too many photos (inc. several action sequences), and although it was a struggle not to blip the most beloved emperor geese, these characters stole the show today. Other highlights included fighting moorhens, splashing and flapping mandarins, emperor geese being adorable, and people hand-feeding the geese...

Others here (or right from "SURPRISE!")

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