By BernardYoung

A Larm

A larm is a creature
I prefer not to wake.
It’s such a screecher!
It makes my head ache.

Right now it’s not sleeping.
Will it scream all night long?
Its ear-splitting shrieking
shouts something is wrong!

You may stay calm
when its cry penetrates
but the sound of a larm
is one of my many pet hates.

(Others are policemen,
CCTV, guard dogs,
padlocks, indestructible doors,
barbed wire fences etc).

O hush little larm,
you’re disturbing the peace.
You’ll upset the neighbours
and summon the police.

So I’d better scarper
though my job isn’t done.
A larm, once again,
has spoiled all my fun.


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