The end of the cone flowers

Two really cold nights and a lack of water again have turned the orange cone flowers into a sorry looking bunch, this is now the best looking flower of the bunch. I hope the plant will survive during the colder months, it's brought me so much joy with its attractive shape and colour and its attraction to various kinds of critters.

It;s been another hectic and full week, I'm still no way done with hanking everybody for last week's milestone Blip's wishes, stars and hearts ! At least I've found the time to go through all the Abstract Thursday entries and have commented and given star to all. Thank you very much for all the mysterious abstracts ! I've chosen 5 as special examples:

plenitude            for a great simple shot where the viewpoint turns the subject into an abstract shape
craftylady           for purple bubblewrap abstraction
deanna_pearce  for another everyday subject completely unrecognisable through viewpoint and faffing
gravyc                 for a mystery even now
59                        for another perspective on an aerial

This coming Thursday is the first Thursday in September, so as usual there's no theme and you're absolutely free to shoot/edit any kind of abstract you like :-) The tag will be AT167

Thanks so much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's lilac gladiolus close-up

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