Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

That Connection

Tatum wasn’t feeling well but Maple was so very happy to keep her company in her bed.    

The runner ups with the rest of the family are the extra.  One well loved dog who gives it back unconditionally...

A beautiful day,  got a bit of a row in before we brought my boat up to put away,  with help from son P and D-i-l K.   Fiona helped bring down the faeries from the faerie circle  that like to spend the winter n the studio, dry.   P and K both tried out the inflatable kayak that our friend on the sailboat left for us.   Tatum wanted to.  Next time.   Then we had an early dinner and took them to the marina to catch the ferry home.   There were no reservations left for tomorrow, the holiday.  A too short but good holiday for them.  We have 2 more days.   I’ll manage a flickr set when the internet lets me…

My entry for the community blip, CB Animals   

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