Another . . .

. . . One of those days.
Actually it all worked out well in the end.
I needed to change the fill valve in our ensiute toilet.  This meant taking the cistern completely off the toilet unit as the bowl backs flush to the bathroom wall. It’s a posh one.
Unfortunately the plumber had not fixed the fixings into the base too well so the nuts fell off the bottom of the fixing instead of holding the captive nut in place!
It’s quite (VERY) tight under the bowl, and the nuts had both bounced to the front where it is very cramped.
I tried all sorts to get the nuts out including seeing where they were using the ‘endoscope’, and poking about blindly with a tube stuck into the ‘Aqua Vac’ to no avail.
Then I had a brain wave – yes it waived goodbye, but in passing it suggested taping the camera onto the end of the tube . . .
I wish I had thought of that an hour earlier . . .

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