Tour of Britain, Stage 2

The tour came to north Devon today.  I went to the Bratton Fleming area, and sat down about an hour and a half  before the riders were meant to arrive, selecting my spot carefully to see the riders as they came over the brow of the hill, having just finished the first King of the Mountains....And then the mizzle and mist blew in. 
Definitely not in my comfort zone now. 
It had been lovely in Barnstaple so I did not have my coat.  Did have a rug which I wrapped round my shoulders.  More people arrived and selfishly placed themselves in front of me....thankfully there were a group of us who'd been there a while so the intruders were requested to move. They did.
The riders appeared and in a whizz were round the bend and gone; there were three groups so we did get three whizz, whizz whizzes!  I then went back to Barnstaple and sat at the end of a road watching them head for the finish.....Two riders out in front followed by a big peleton and later a smaller one. Many shots taken. Many shots binned. But it was fun and worth the doing!

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