By Livingandloving

Nappin' Buddy

I slept horribly.....flat out horribly, and when my alarm went off...I just couldn't.  Nope....could not!  So....I did not.  I called in sick, and went back to sleep.  Sugar was surprised to find me there when she woke up.  

By the early afternoon, I was exhausted but feeling a bit better.  I realized that I needed to get Storm to his free vet check before the deadline, so I packed up him and Sugar and headed into town.  All went smoothly at the Vet's office (Storm is doing great).  We ran by my brother's house, and picked up my nieces, and deliver them and Sugar to their mom's place of work to have a late lunch.   

I headed home for a 36 hour nap with this darling boy.  It was exactly what I needed.  EXACTLY!  I had a quite evening, and went to bed fairly early.   

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